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Work Injury Prevention

Ergonomics: the future of physical medicine

Ergonomics is the study of the effects of the work environment on the health, efficiency and productivity of the worker. As claim and health care costs continue to rise, employers seek new solutions. Proactive use of this discipline via our skilled providers can directly reduce employer costs. At HTPN, we believe this cutting edge approach as part of an overall prevention program is the wave of the future for physical medicine.

It is possible to gain safety AND efficiency

Traditional wisdom once held that some companies would sacrifice safety for efficiency. All that has changed with ergonomics. Organizations are learning that developing a safe work environment creates greater efficiency and productivity . Individuals do perform their jobs easier and long-term disability claims are reduced. Recent changes in the regulatory landscape requiring companies to create safer work environments have helped management take a closer look at their ergonomic programs.

A critical component of a responsible risk management program

Employers facing early complaints of symptoms from an employee may eliminate a claim by implementing an ergonomic assessment. Many corporations see upwards of 50% of their claims and 40% to 80% of their claim costs related to strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal injuries on the job. Ergonomics play an important role in reducing those costs as part of a comprehensive risk management program. Additionally, having a strong ergonomics program can mitigate litigation and other costs from worksite injuries.

Expertise in assessments

At HTPN we work with companies to help build a strong ergonomics program.

Our experienced ergonomists develop and assist with modification of the work station. We train workers on proper working techniques that are transferable to various work stations. Cost-effective recommendations are provided. The findings are presented in a user-friendly and concisely written report.