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Outpatient Therapy

Physical medicine on an outpatient basis

With HTPN you can be assured of outstanding rehabilitation services including Physical, Occupational, Aquatic and Massage Therapy in a clinic setting. Our therapists work with patients who have a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. We offer:

  • 30,000 providers at 15,000 locations
  • Providers that bring years of clinical practice to helping your patient achieve optimal functioning in the shortest amount of time
  • Full range of specialists in each discipline to meet unique patient needs including manual therapists, aquatics, certified hand therapists, and McKenzie therapists

Understanding the economic realities of today’s healthcare market

In the current marketplace, only leaders like HTPN will seek new avenues to significantly impact the claim costs. It is clear that deep discount pricing is not only ineffective, but clinically problematic. HTPN uses its industry knowledge to develop a therapeutic management system, including healthcare algorithms and treatment protocols, which impact the initial cost per visit and total length of treatment. This is the future of mitigating claims costs.

Management of therapy to achieve optimal results

Our treatment protocols are effective because we monitor and document patient compliance, identifying therapeutic plateaus and abnormal behaviors.

HTPN also manages your therapy claim through weekly audits with a licensed professional (occupational or physical therapist) to ensure that the appropriate treatment and care are performed. Audits are conducted to ensure that the client is receiving appropriate and useful documentation to identify progress, patient compilance, attendance and return to work goals.

Innovative solutions

With our expansive network, along with time tested therapeutic management systems and communication protocols, it is clear HTPN is the provider of choice. Find out how easy it can be to work with a leader in therapy management today.