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Work Injury Prevention

Why Prevention is best

Focus on prevention helps companies not only mitigate costs today, but achieve even greater savings in the future through injury reduction.

Our philosophy of patient care begins with preventing injury before it happens. Because of innovations in physical medicine, we can now help individuals and organizations detect and address areas which may be prone or exposed to possible injury. By utilizing our prevention programs, expensive claims and treatment can be avoided in many cases.

Innovations in Physical Medicine

At HTPN we offer a full complement of services aimed at helping individuals maximize their physical capabilities while minimizing their risk of injury including:

An interdisciplinary approach

Our well-documented and outlined prevention programs are facilitated by our outstanding network of therapists. You can be assured your needs are addressed quickly and effectively.

Everyone can agree on prevention

Prevention programs can provide an additional benefit to organizations; employees know the management team is looking out for their best health. Prevention is viewed as highly preferable when compared to treatment; and by keeping costs down, added dollars are available in additional areas that benefit employees.

Find how easy it can be to prevent injury in your workplace. Contact us today.