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About HTPN

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Why industry experts come to us first

Industry experts come to HTPN first because of the full complement of services we offer and the outstanding outcomes we provide.

"Coordinating our physical therapy referrals through HTPN insures that the injured workers are scheduled promptly with a facility close to their home, and facilitates the timely receipt of therapy records with minimal effort."
Julie Collins, President, Exceptional Case Services, Inc.

Demonstrable expertise

HTPN represents clinical experts in therapy, FCE's and all aspects of rehabilitative outpatient physical medicine. Therapy management includes set guidelines and peer reviews taking into account over 10,000 evaluations. HTPN has been helping individuals regain maximum health since the mid-90's. Our data and expertise result in documentation that is valid and legally defensible.

Financial benefits of using HTPN for treatment

Our network, combined with the HTPN therapeutic management system, including healthcare algorithms and treatment protocols, decreases the initial cost per visit and total length of treatment. This is the future of mitigating claims costs. See how effective we can be when you compare our outpatient therapy services against the average outpatient clinic:

Case Study ACME Therapy Co. HTPN
a)Number of Cases
b)Average # Visits / Patient
c)Total Visits (# Cases X # Avg. Visits)
d)Cost per Visit
e)Cost per Case (Avg. # Visits X Cost per Visit)
f)Total Therapy Cost (cxd)
Cost Savings Per Case  
Total Cost Savings  

We help you manage your cases better

At HTPN we offer resources to help clients manage their caseload more effectively. We offer:

  • Full continuum of care with customization and flexibility
    HTPN can provide a wide range of services that includes prevention, education, rehabilitation, and assessments. This full array of physical medicine and injury prevention services assures that patient needs are met. Programs are customized to provide the right care at the right time.
  • Superior communication protocols
    Communication is clear, timely, and complete. We not only treat patients in the most clinically advanced manner, we provide therapeutic management, helping clients manage their cases through weekly reporting and service line management.
  • Easy referral process
    With just a few clicks of the mouse you can review our service capabilities and make a referral. It is just that easy to access the most comprehensive therapy services in the market.