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About HTPN

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Why companies rely on us

With rising costs of healthcare and benefits, companies come to HTPN for innovative solutions to mitigate these costs.

Demonstrable expertise

HTPN's team is comprised of clinical experts in therapy, FCE's, and all aspects of rehabilitative outpatient physical medicine. Therapy management includes proven algorithms and peer reviews taking into account over 10,000 evaluations. HTPN has been helping individuals regain maximum health since the mid-90's. Our data and expertise result in documentation that is valid and legally defensible.

Full complement of services

In addition to our traditional outpatient clinics, we offer services that assist organizations and their employees in maximizing their physical capabilities while minimizing their risk of injury. Programs include:

Financial benefits of using HTPN for treatment

Many companies have found onsite therapy service to be extremely cost-effective. See how HTPN compares to the average therapy clinic: 

Case Study ACME Therapy Co. HTPN Onsite Therapy
a)Number of Cases
b)Average # Visits / Case
c)Total Visits (# Cases X # Avg. Visits)
d)Average Therapy Time per Visit (hours)
e)Average Time Away / Case (#Avg. Visits X Avg. Therapy Time)
f)Cost of Time Away / Case (@ $18.00/hour)
g)Total Cost - Lost Time from Work (Cases X Cost of Time Away)
a)Transportation cost to/from therapy ($50.00 / visit - conservative)
Cost Savings Per Case  
Total Cost Savings (Total Cost and Transportation Cost)  

Find out how easy it is to work with HTPN

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can review our service capabilities and make a referral. It is just that easy to access the most comprehensive therapy services in the industry.