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The only provider that supports individuals from prevention through recovery.

At Heartland Therapy Provider Network we offer a full complement of outpatient physical rehabilitation and functional capacity evaluation services that begin with comprehensive prevention programs including physical demand analysis, post offer employment screens, and Ergonomics. Our goal is to help individuals avoid expensive and painful injuries that have significant costs for the patient and the insurer. Yet the reality is individuals have accidents. When that occurs our goal is to return the injured person to functionality and their job as quickly as possible.

We return injured persons to functionality and to their jobs quickly and safely, while mitigating costs.

Physical rehabilitation is all that we do. With over 20 years of experience, we bring best practices and time-tested treatment protocols' to every case. This focus allows us to achieve results that shorten patient recovery time and mitigate costs for payors. Our commitment lies in providing excellent customer service, convenience, quality and value for our clients.

Best communication practices in the industry eliminate any surprises in the recovery process.

At HTPN we understand how important data is to our referral sources. Our objective is to help our clients manage their cases in the most effective manner possible. Benefits to our communication plan include:

  • Receive initial reports within 48 hours
  • Access to ongoing weekly treatment and attendance updates
  • Quarterly management reports, tailored to our client's needs

Provider network that is superior to all others.

Our network of physical rehabilitation providers is one of the largest in the country. We contract with experienced, caring specialists in your city, your county and on your street. More importantly, our clinicians go through a rigorous credentialing process that assures they are well-qualified and experienced to handle even the most complicated cases. When you add in our well-documented protocols, it is easy to see how our team produces superior results. We offer to:

  • Schedule therapy referrals same day or within 48 hours
  • Schedule FCEs and prevention services within designated timeframe
  • Utilize providers within 25 mile radius